Posted on by Bella Wong

A bandage dress is a form-fitting dress made from a blend of rayon, nylon, and spandex, a composite material similar to that used in foundation garments or shapewear. The weave creates distinct layers that look like bandages, giving the dress its name. Bandage dresses fit like a second skin, shaping your body with their stretch and thickness. 

A bandage dress should have the following characteristics to meet the standards of good quality. 

  • Fabric. A blend of rayon, nylon, and spandex. Dresses made from polyester or other materials are not quality bandage dresses. 
  • Durability. Your dress should feel sturdy in its construction and have a minimum weight close to 2 lbs for a standard short sleeve or sleeveless fit. Quality bandage dresses will weigh 50% to 80% more than their cheaper counterparts.  
  • Sheen. A subtle shine or gloss should be visible on the fabric. 
  • Stretch: The dress should easily stretch 3 to 4 inches across your body. At full stretch, it should not be see through at all. 
  • Comfort. Even though the fit is tight, your dress should be comfortable to wear. Just like a second skin. Its construction and strength should provide excellent support and shape to your body.