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Summer weddings call for two very important elements: comfort and style. It’s important to prioritize both equally for special events so that you feel and look your very best. But what’s the best way to stay comfortable when the sun is blazing and you wish you could slip into a pair of shorts and a lightweight tank? Here are four women’s dresses to consider for the summer weddings on your schedule.

Fit and Flare

Think of the fit and flare dress as one of your wardrobe’s greatest allies. The silhouette is perfect for special occasions! With its fitted upper body and swingy, playful A-line skirt, it channels a hint of retro-influenced style inspired by the 1950s. It’s especially comfortable to wear when it’s warm outside because it doesn’t conform too close to the body, leaving you with more room to cross your legs when you’re seated and greater comfort when you’re mingling with other guests in a crowded venue.

Most importantly, it won’t cling to your skin and make you feel even hotter on an already sweltering day. The fresh and fun silhouette is naturally conducive to cooler comfort with its relaxed skirt. You can opt for a sleeveless style if the wedding is outside and you’re concerned about potential perspiration. Look for styles that offer a dressier quality; colors like yellow, pink, and light blue are always appropriate for outdoor affairs, and you can dress them up nicely with statement jewelry. But if you’re transitioning from an outdoor wedding to an air-conditioned indoor reception, be sure to bring along a light layer, like a wrap, to stay comfortable.


Almost nothing surpasses the almighty maxi dress on a summer day. It allows you to dress up for a special event, but also provides the comfort that you expect of your clothes when temperatures shoot up, the sun is blazing, and humidity levels are high. Simply put, the maxi allows you to stay as cool and comfortable as possible while still exuding a sense of polished elegance that is appropriate for the event.

Petite, regular, and tall maxi dresses are all available in a variety of styles that are exceptional choices for summer “I dos.” Just be sure to avoid anything that might be construed as too casual; the beauty of the maxi dress is that it’s perfect for any occasion, so seek out more refined styles. Lace accents instantly dress up a maxi, for example, as do side knots or light embellishments. Floral patterns and contemporary graphic prints are excellent choices if you want to wear something colorful, or you can opt for a light, summery hue instead.


The humble jersey dress is among the world’s most iconic styles. The material is incredibly soft to the touch, wonderfully flexible, and wears well at any time of the year. Best of all, this comfortable fabric is just as appropriate to wear to a wedding as any of the other materials you might normally sport at a special event, like lace or silk.

But those types of fabrics aren’t quite as capable of helping you stay cool for the duration of the event. Jersey fabric may be as soft as your favorite blanket, but it’s not going to stick to your skin or make you feel uncomfortably heated up as temperatures rise in the afternoon. It’s also largely resistant to wrinkles, so you can freely dance up a storm without worrying about telltale creases developing as the day progresses. It’s also lightweight and highly breathable, so you can trust that you’ll feel just as great in it from the moment you slip it on until the end of the wedding. Opt for styles that feature a few dressy elements, like flutter sleeves or flouncy necklines.


The wrap dress is a longtime favorite that is renowned for its flattering and timeless silhouette. The design creates a natural definition at the waistline, making it a lovely option for any type of special event. Most styles have moderate-to-deep V-necklines, which draw the eye upward to lend the illusion of an elongated upper body. The crossover that forms at the waist also contributes to a fluid, streamlined look from top to bottom. To avoid a corporate look, try a style with a more flowy skirt. It’s relaxed enough for the weather, yet dressy enough for the occasion.

Although many styles feature three-quarter length sleeves, you might prefer a sleeveless style during the warmer months. Just be sure to bring along a light sweater that you can pull on whenever it’s warranted – either when a cool breeze picks up unexpectedly or because you’re mixing and mingling inside a cooler building after the ceremony. Whatever the case, it’s important to be prepared!