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Getting away from it all is truly the best way to refresh, recuperate, and rejuvenate so that you can get back to “real” life with a renewed outlook. If you’ve got your sights set on your summer vacation and are busily counting down the days on the calendar, don’t forget one very important extra thing: what you plan to wear!   

In addition to exploring the wide world of women’s swimwear, you may want to start brainstorming some cute and stylish beach outfits that you can trust will keep you comfortable — and that you can easily wear to lunch or dinner if the opportunity happens to arise. Here are four intriguing ideas to keep in mind before you head off on your journey.         summer vacation dress

Grab a Cover-Up

If you’re focused on quick, effortless comfort with plenty of style to spare, you can’t go wrong with chic beach cover-ups. With so many options available, it might be tough to select just one style — especially if you have visions of wearing yours while lunching with the family or simply to shield your skin from excess ultraviolet (UV) rays while spending an epic day at the beach.

So what to do? Opt for a couple of styles that are right in line with your fashionable favorites. A sleeveless cover-up in a vibrant print is a great way to liven up your look and stay cool and comfortable. You’ll look and feel great whether you’re relaxing on the sand or strolling on the boardwalk. Or try a sarong if you prefer something with lighter coverage. You can wear this versatile piece in multiple ways — either draped over your shoulders or snugly wrapped around your waist to create a stylish skirted effect.

Bring a Cute Skort

If you favor the look of a skirt but prefer the coverage and comfort of a pair of shorts, opt for the next best thing: a skort. This easy option is a must if you’re seeking something that looks just as cute with a tank top or a polo shirt as with a bikini or tankini top. The very fact that you can mix and match a skort without effort makes it the perfect addition to your suitcase.

More importantly, it’s constructed with your comfort in mind. Forget about fabrics that don’t feel great or styles that aren’t appropriate — these are perfectly made, with features like stretchy elastic waists, sewn-in shorts for all-day ease, and lengths that fall just above the knee. They’re quick and easy to pull on, and you’ll look and feel completely pulled together right away.

Pull-on a Comfy Dress

How does a dress fit into the equation? It’s all about going the extra mile to help you feel your very best. Nothing accomplishes that quite like an easy jersey dress. Known primarily as one of the softest materials around, jersey fabric feels almost baby soft to the touch. It’s flexible and effortless, and you can quite literally throw it on and go.

You have options galore, from casual tank styles that you can pull right on over your bikini to maxi lengths if you prefer something with more coverage. You can wear a jersey dress on the beach and never look or feel remotely out of place. Moreover, it’s perfect for transitioning to your next stop, whether you’re having brunch with the family on a lazy Sunday or going straight to dinner after the kids take a dip in the water.

Slip into Airy Shorts

A pair of breezy women’s shorts can change the game in surprising ways. You might not think to wear them when you’re at the beach if you’re more accustomed to pulling on a lightweight cover-up or have visions of wearing loose-fitting T-shirts over your suit. But the beauty of a pair of shorts is that it can finish your look more fully. You can pull them on over a bathing suit, for example, for a look that provides full coverage. Or you can wear them with a bikini or tankini top for some more protection on the bottom.

You have options where styles are concerned, too. Prefer a little length? Why not try a pair of classic Bermuda shorts? They look just as great on the beach as they do on the mini-golf course, and you can simply stash a couple of pairs inside your suitcase and be ready for anything that your summer vacation brings. If you favor a style with less fabric, try a pair of mid-rise chino shorts, active shorts, or even denim shorts. You can mix and match these with your favorite suits, of course, but if you need to be somewhere after you’re done at the beach and don’t have time to change, you can also bring along a light T-shirt or polo shirt and quickly throw on both pieces.

Feel Your Best

Your summer vacation is an opportunity to truly disconnect from it all. Make the most of your getaway by packing along a few essentials to ensure that your break is as stylish as it is fashionable.