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1.  Invest In Quality:

Although Kate has worn clothing from Fast Fashion brands like ASOS and Topshop in the past, she’s recently gravitated towards British brands who carefully design clothing and only use high-quality materials in their manufacturing. This ensures her clothes fit beautifully, wash well and stand the test of time.

Another example is this pair of boots by Penelope Chilvers that Kate’s owned for 10+ years and still wears regularly today. Kate Middleton Dress

2.  Befriend A Local Seamstress!

We’ve seen evidence that Kate has had both high street and high-end clothing professionally tailored to offer a more flattering fit.

3.  Pick A Signature Style & Stick With It:

Kate’s definitely developed a signature style over the last few years. We’ve seen Kate ditch the fit-and-flare mini dresses for more sophisticated looks. These days, Kate’s work uniform consists of midi length dresses, sleek shoes (gone are the clumpy platforms), lacy sleeves, smart skirt suits and classic coats. For casual events, Kate tends to opt for striped tops with jeans.

4. If The Shoe Fits, Buy It In Every Colour:

Kate’s started buying her favourite pieces in multiple colours. She owns this pair of shoes in four colours, this bag in three colours, this top in four colours, this pair of earrings in three colours and this dress in two colours.