Posted on by Annie Feng

It’s hard not to conjure up visions of psychedelic wall hangings and aggressively vibrant t-shirts when you think of tie-dye. But the 2020 take on this trend is less groovy, more grown-up. Instead of incorporating all the colors of the rainbow, this latest version of tie-dye takes a decidedly more modern approach with restrained pastel or earthy hues that can be counted on to elevate an outfit rather than dominate it.

Here are some of our favorite tie-dye pieces for the summer, and where to find them.


Tie Dye Backless Slit Side Dress

Tie Dye Lace-up Sleeveless Dress

Ruffled Tie-dye Buttoned Swing Dress

Tie-Dye Fitted Lace-up Dress

Tie Dye V-neck Spaghetti Straps Dress


Check it out and start expanding your style search ASAP.