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Hello, lovelies! ~ June is slowly ending and temperatures are starting to rise even more and more. July and the whole summer are already so close that it seems like a miracle. After all of the struggles that have happened this year, it finally seems to be getting better more and more. And since a new season of the year is coming soon, you need to have a proper wardrobe to give it a warm welcome and be ready to enjoy your days, right? That is why we bring you a new guide of summer clothing – 8 Summer Must-Have Items You Need Right Now if you want to become a fancy summer fashion queen everyone will no to be able to take their eyes off! If you are already curious about what kind of summer fashion must-haves we are talking about, do not hesitate and continue reading the article 😎

1. Bermuda Shorts
Bermuda shorts are an easy way how to let your beautiful legs to enjoy the sunshine and be fashionable at the same time. Bermuda shorts are quite longer than the actual shorts, covering a bit more of the skin, but they are also considered more elegant and sophisticated. There are many different kinds and patterns to choose from. Also, if you are not confident enough to wear the mini shorts and expose a bit much of the skin, Bermuda shorts are definitely the best choice for you!

2. Mesh Top Layers
Mesh Tops are truly a piece of clothing that can transform your whole outfit! Most of the mesh clothing look elegant and delicate at the same time. If we are not talking about sportswear, of course. But if we are talking about the tops or whole dresses, they can transform you into a beautiful and lovely princess-like lady in a while! Since they also reveal a bit of the skin too, they can play a truly mysterious and passionate game indeed. When combined with “a proper” accessories or other parts of the outfit, you can create some luxurious vibes as well.

3. Pure White Cotton Summer Dress
Pure White Cotton Dress can bring into your life summer breeze and beach vibes just in a whim! Cotton – as a material – is truly light and a breathable one, that is why it is so popular to make dresses and other summer style clothing it from. It is easy to be combined with any kind and style of the shoes and accessories as well. Personally, we do recommend you to try combining pure white colour with a brown one or straw accessories such as a big straw hat, round straw crossbody bag etc.

4. Square Top Sandals
Many years ago, a square top on the shoes would be considered unflattering and totally out of fashion. But not so many years ago, square tips made their comeback to fashion and they have been still in there. Many people all over the world are truly fond of this – at the first glance – the unusual ending of the shoe, but to be honest, they have something “special” in themselves, do not you think it too? They seem to be more fashionable, more elegant, more trendy. That is also why you need to be wearing them during the spring and summer 2020 as well! This is a must of the musts!

5. Bra considered as a new Top
Yes, you read it correctly – we are not joking around or anything. The bra is now – in many cases – truly considered as a part of a top outwear. Of course, do not be fooled – we are not talking about the bra as underwear. Some people may wear underwear as a part of their outfit too, but now we are talking about something more like a bikini or fitness bra. The good bra does not only be appealing to you on the outside – it should also be truly comfortable for you to wear and it should also provide you with a lot of “freedom” and motion as well. There are many different factors to think about while purchasing a bra, that is why you should be careful. Do not purchase anything that is uncomfortable just because it is fashionable. Be wise!

6. Any Kind of Straw Element
Can you imagine walking in a summer season without owning at least one piece of something made of the straw? We cant! Straw and summer just somehow go together even without thinking! Straw items are another must of the musts!

7. Business Casual Set Up
Business Casual does not mean anything like a grey mouse or similar. Business Casual makes the women look stronger, braver, more independent and free. Blazer, pencil skirt and elegant pants are something that every woman should have in their wardrobe. Not only for the business casual look but for any kind of occasion – blazer can be worn with almost any top or bottom part, pencil skirt can make your plain blouse or shirt make look more elegant and neat and the same goes for the pants as well. If you will buy it in the neutral shades and colour, you can match them with literally ANYTHING.

8. Tropical Paradise Vibes
What can make you feel more connected to summer than a piece of clothing with a tropical or summer-like pattern on it, huh? Clothes like this will immediately take you at the end of the world, to summer paradise you have always wanted to visit ♥